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I am nominated for the Prestige Toronto Award

I am nominated for the Prestige Toronto Award for my research on Russian-English child bilingualism and development of Russian as a heritage language! This award is given to Russian-speaking politics, businessmen, scientists, artists, writers, teachers, etc., who made a significant contribution to the development of the Russian community in Toronto.

Teaching children to speak Russian and be literate in it is a hot topic in the Toronto Russian community. Most parents work hard on it. I’d like to thank them for nominating me because I am trying to help them at least by trying to figure out what’s going on in their children’s bilingual minds.

My article in a Russian magazine!

For the first time in my academic career, I published an article on child bilingualism in a non-academic publication and in Russian.

Novy Svet (both ‘New World’ and ‘New Light’ in Russian) is a Canadian Russian literary and art magazine, in Russian language, born in 2013.